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Erin Rider is running for Mayor in Salt Lake County. She offers a fresh perspective and a commitment to address the challenges facing our communities. The current mayor has been in elected county office for nearly two decades. Under her leadership, Salt Lake County has been routinely criticized for budget shortfalls, resource mismanagement, and poor decision-making. With a fresh, dynamic candidate and changing demographics in Salt Lake County, 2024 is the year for change.

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Deep Utah Roots 

Erin’s entrepreneurial spirit is rooted in her family's legacy in Utah and the business acumen passed down by her grandparents. Their tales of military service and resilience during World War II and economic hardships instilled a deep sense of  patriotism in Erin, guiding her strong work ethic and commitment to service.

Respect for Community

Raised in Millcreek, Erin graduated from Brigham Young University with a business degree and later earned a JD/MBA from Georgetown University. During her time in Washington, DC, she worked as a law clerk on the Senate Finance Committee under Senator Orrin Hatch and honed her collaborative skills and respect for the Constitution. 


Over the past  several years, Erin’s love of service has inspired her to throw herself into a number of community endeavors. As a board member for Utah Women Run, she has helped train women around the state of Utah on how to run for office. As a board member of the J. Reuben Clark Law Society, she has helped train and educate other attorneys in Salt Lake County. And, as a volunteer with the My Hometown Initiative in West Valley City, Erin championed the creation of a community youth council, helping dozens of youth connect with city and civic leaders and participate in decisions being made about their community.


Professionally Prepared

Erin is passionate about problem solving and advocating on behalf of her community. As a corporate attorney, Erin frequently uses her expertise to negotiate complex mergers and acquisitions on behalf of her clients. She's adept at navigating the nuances of corporate governance, ensuring that companies not only adhere to regulations but also operate with integrity and foresight. She has learned firsthand the importance of advancing policies that reduce overburdensome regulation and unleash the power of the private sector. 


At the heart of her professional practice, Erin is dedicated to supporting companies as they expand and manage investment capital. Whether it's through venture capital financing or advising private investment funds, her goal is to see her clients thrive and succeed–especially those at the cutting edge of innovative technologies and job creation. 


Erin collaborates closely with her clients on a variety of transactional matters. She takes pride in her ability to demystify the legal challenges her clients face and in her commitment to being not just a lawyer, but a trusted advisor and partner in their business endeavors.


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Erin is intimately familiar with the "Utah Way" and is running for Mayor to address and resolve the county's ongoing issues and enhance the quality of life in Salt Lake County.


With a background in law and business, Erin is well-versed in the intricacies of law and the importance of a strong business environment, which bolsters her ability to effectively lead and make informed decisions. Her deep community ties and volunteer efforts further reinforce her commitment to the county.


Erin's decision to run for Mayor is driven by her firsthand observations of the current administration's shortcomings. She emphasizes governance over political gain, focusing on significant improvements in county management.


The campaign is propelled by an experienced team, equipped with the necessary resources to run a robust campaign. This strategic preparation positions Erin as a formidable candidate for the November election.

Erin Rider's campaign is characterized by a blend of fresh ideas, legal and business expertise, and a dedication to public service, all aimed at bringing transformative leadership to Salt Lake County.

Erin Rider Logo-02.png
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Erin Rider for SLCo
420 East South Temple Ste. 390
Salt Lake City, UT 84111

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